What Vineyards will we go to?

We pick vineyards which have the best experience based on client feedback and our personal knowledge. We focus on quality wine, a pleasant hospitality surrounded by stunning views and architecture. We also like to combine a sense of grand, and also visit boutique small producers to get a good mix of experiences. We will visit 3 vineyards and typically try to arrange a lunch pairing on the second one, but most establishments have charcuterie boards and snacks. At clients discretion they may choose the vineyards but must make the reservations themselves in that situation.

Where do you pickup?

We cover all of North Oregon and South Washington metro areas around Portland.(Including Salem, McMinnville, Newberg, Hillsborough, Forest Grove, Portland and Vancouver) for the Willamette Valley Wine Tour. For the Combo Waterfalls and Wine Tour we can do pickups that are East of Beaverton, including all of Portland and everything ease of Downtown. (Not Mcminnville, Salem or Newberg).

What is included?

Your fee covers door-to-door pickup and drop off, expert itinerary planning and handling all reservations on your behalf. All alcohol and food purchases are not included in the price. The tasting fees range between $25-$45 dollars depending on vineyard and generally they waive the tasting fees with about a 2 bottle purchase.

What else should we know?

There is a 2 person minimum to book unless we already have something on the books. We can accommodate up to 26 people for large outings.

Should we bring anything?

Depending on the season dress appropriately as some experiences may be outside by a heater or in the summer bring sunglasses and sunblock. During October-May umbrellas and jackets are recommended. But generally speaking, bring a positive attitude, and open mind, be courteous to your driver and everyone you meet that day and you will be guaranteed to have an amazing day.

Can we Cancel?

All sales are final unless cancelled within 48 hours. For greater flexibility contact us and we can probably arrange it.